• AI-powered Uses messaging - the #1 preferred channel for users to engage with businesses - automated with AI
  • Personalized Seamless, opt-in chat when users are looking for information - adapts in real time to user needs and preferences
  • At scale As portable as a display ad with the reach of Google Display network, reaching over 3 million websites and apps
AdLingo Ad Purple device examples
AdLingo Ads use case

Shopping basket icon Conversational Commerce

  • Engage customers 1m38s Average Conversation Time per user
  • Personalize in real-time 80% consumers more likely to purchase when experience personalized 1
  • Increase conversions Higher ROI with similar cost to regular display 2
AdLingo Ads use case

Shopping basket icon Conversational Lead Generation

  • Generate leads at scale 0.24% viewable impressions lead to conversations
  • Qualify leads 3.4 average user interactions per conversation
  • Increase ROI Lower cost per lead versus other paid channels 3

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