What are the benefits of Conversational Display Ads to the user?
We believe it is more important than ever to enable meaningful connections between brands and users. User benefits include:
  • Instant answers: Users get the help they need immediately and without navigating to other pages.
  • 1:1 engagement: Each conversation is user-driven by the questions and interests they have.
  • Innovative and fun: Users are delighted with a new and dynamic experience.
How do Conversational Display Ads benefit advertisers?
Conversational Display Ads enable advertisers to:
  • Connect: Reach new and existing customers through a scalable channel.
  • Converse: Generate valuable insights. Each conversation illuminates customer pain points and preferences.
  • Convert: Close the funnel faster by delivering all the information your customer needs to choose a product or service.
How do Conversational Display Ads work?
Advertisers will be able to place their conversational assistants inside interactive display ad units, and reach their target audience at scale.
What are the eligibility criteria to participate in Conversational Display Ads?
An existing conversational assistant developed using Dialogflow, Microsoft Bot Framework, Blip, LiveEngage, Amplify.ai or Automat.ai platforms. If there are other platforms you are interested in using, please reach out to us here.
What do Conversational Display Ads cost and what's the reach?
The cost of Conversational Display Ads is calculated based on CPMs (cost per thousand impressions). Reach and CPMs depend on a variety of factors, including targeting. Estimates will be shared based on the advertiser's objectives.
What metrics should advertisers expect?
At this time, we provide impressions, clicks and engagement metrics.
Where will the transcript of the conversation reside?
The transcript of the conversation is between the user and advertiser and will be handled in accordance with the advertiser's privacy policy. AdLingo will not store any record of the transcript.
Who will manage onboarding and troubleshooting?
The AdLingo team will work directly with advertisers and/or agencies for all on-boarding, technical integration and campaign management tasks.