AdLingo is part of Area 120 by Google and allows brands to acquire customers by turning ads into AI-powered personalized conversations at scale. How? AdLingo Ads enable brands to embed their conversational assistant (aka chatbot) in a display ad, to reach potential customers at scale and where they are looking for information. AdLingo is powered by the Google DV360 best-in-class digital platform enabling advanced targeting.
We believe it is more important than ever to enable meaningful connections between brands and users. User benefits include:
  • Instant answers: Users get the help they need immediately and without navigating to other pages.
  • 1:1 engagement: Each conversation is user driven by the questions and interests they have.
  • Innovative and fun: Users are delighted with a new and dynamic experience.
AdLingo Ads advance potential customers from discovery to action in a single ad, by engaging them in AI-powered personalized conversations at scale. Main benefits are:
  • AI-powered Personalized Conversation
    • Leverages messaging, now the #1 preferred channel for users to engage with businesses1
    • Uses the brand's automated chatbot and AI to answer customers' needs in real-time at the moment of choice
    • Combined with DV360 targeting (e.g. in market, 1st party retargeting...)
  • Reaching all potential Customers at scale
    • The reach of Google Display Network: AdLingo can distribute brand chatbots to 3 Mio+ websites or apps. No other solution offers such a scale.
    • Similar eCPM to regular display
    • When users are browsing websites and apps, in discovery mindset
  • Advance customers from discovery to action
    • Same wide reach as display + unique personalized engagement
      H2 2019 campaign results on average2
      (>150MM impressions across 10 different verticals):
      0.24% Engaged Conversations Rate3 on viewable impressions
      Engaged Conversations of 1m38s in average per user
      3.4 user interactions in average per conversation
    • We have seen especially strong success so far in the use cases of Conversational Commerce or Conversational Lead Generation.
Advertisers will be able to place their conversational assistants inside interactive display ad units, and reach their target audience at scale.
A working conversational assistant will be needed to run the ad. We can provide a list of partners if the brand does not have a conversational assistant. Currently supported bot platforms include: Dialogflow, Microsoft Bot Framework, Take / Blip, LivePerson / LiveEngage, Amplify.AI, Automat.AI, and Spectrm.

If there are other platforms you are interested in using, please contact us via our Get started page.
The cost of AdLingo Ads is calculated based on CPMs (cost per thousand impressions). Reach and CPMs depend on a variety of factors, including targeting. Estimates will be shared based on the advertiser’s objectives. CPMs are generally in line with regular display costs.
On top of the campaign delivery metrics (impressions, viewability, media costs) we deliver specific conversation engagement metrics like the number and duration of engaged conversations and clicks.
The transcript of the conversation is between the user and advertiser and will be handled in accordance with the advertiser’s privacy policy. AdLingo will not store any record of the transcript.
The AdLingo team will work directly with advertisers and/or agencies for all onboarding, technical integration, and campaign management tasks. If you want more details about this or something not mentioned above, please contact us via our Get started page.